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Hi everyone~ Just when I resurface from inactivity, I find my avatar changed into Edward Cullen and my friends' turned into different fandoms out there. :lmao: In my three years in dA, this is the first time I got caught with their pranks. :lmao: Seriously made my evening. :D

Just came back from Mt. Pulag last Tuesday night with a windburned nose. ^^; It was an awesome trip! :d But anyhow, after uploading like heck in fb, I realize that I still need to catch up on sleep. =p So goodnight, I hope everyone is doing well. :3
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Yes, this is a bit late, and I may have mentioned it in some deviations, but anyway, my camera died. =/ Yuujiro, Canon A460 Powershot, got its flex broken last December 13, 2009 (right on my birthday. T_T). His pictures gets lines on it, and the repairs cost more than what we can sell it for, so we'd rather trade him in at the Canon Center once we get enough funds to buy a new one. Target is a DSLR, but we haven't considered what kind yet.

So yeah, if I post anything more here, they're most likely old files from my archives. Kinda busy too, so it's one of the rare days I pass by. =) And for the heck of it, I made a formspring account. Feel free to ask anything. =p

Back to the busy world~
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hope can be sometimes best defined in the silence of that glimmering light in the horizon. You just have to keep going.
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Lessons come in different sizes and shapes. Sometimes it's hard to see it because of your own confusion and denial to learn. But lessons and learnings are always there. You just have to adjust your depth perception.

Learning the hard way hurts, but it makes sure that the lesson stays. Wear your scars like a badge, it shows that you can stand tall despite the pain that had been.
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[edit] News has come that the worm has been dealt with by the dA tech team, it's okay now. ^_^ [/edit]

If you receive a comment that says this "rofl this may be relevant to your interests" which leads to a link to somewhere, DO NOT CLICK IT. If you already did, change your password and do an antivirus scan on your pc. Seems like it's a new type of worm.

I repeat.


I clicked it before I read in YouInventedMe's journal about it. I traced back to the one that commented on one of my works >> karynironsides << and it would seem that she's also a victim. For some reason clicking that link replicates the bot to spam comments on people's works. O_o I dunno how that happens.

So if you receive any comments from me, I apologize. Can't the admin stop this somehow? D:

I repeat.

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Don't go far off, not even for a day, because --
because -- I don't know how to say it: a day is long
and I will be waiting for you, as in an empty station
when the trains are parked off somewhere else, asleep.

Don't leave me, even for an hour, because
then the little drops of anguish will all run together,
the smoke that roams looking for a home will drift
into me, choking my lost heart.

Oh, may your silhouette never dissolve on the beach;
may your eyelids never flutter into the empty distance.
Don't leave me for a second, my dearest,

because in that moment you'll have gone so far
I'll wander mazily over all the earth, asking,
Will you come back? Will you leave me here, dying?

-- Pablo Neruda

picked up from mimikascraftroom's manip piece,…

just some random finds. xD
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I rarely have dreams that I remember these days, and this one was so vivid.

It started with me finding someone dead in the forest, strangled with some sayote vines (yes, it's weird because that type of vine is weak). Anyway, the killer was still there so I ran into the woods. I ran and ran and ran until I got home. O_o

I told my mom and told her of what happened, that I needed to hide. And at the same time I still need to get out of the house.And for some reason, I knew that the killer was going to our house. And sure enough she came a-knocking and I ran and hid the clothes I had on, changed into something else changed my hairstyle. I lay still in my room for a while until my mother came in and told me we needed to call in a healer. And with the help of my oldest sister, she called the healer through an umbrella handle and the healer came out of it. O_o I hugged the healer and appreciated how warm she felt and she showed me into my wardrobe/closet and said that we needed to make a journey. (Narnia anyone? xD) Instructed me to relax, but then my cats were there outside, disturbing us by wanting to see what was going on. The healer did something to clear my mind.

I slightly can't remember what happened after that, but the healer continued to see what else was wrong with me and touched my solar plexus, having that knowing look. "You've saved chii for someone before, haven't you?" My eyes widened because that was a very strange thing to say to someone. "It still hurts because it is your expectations." Then she let go, then asked if I was okay. I meekly nodded, sweating from all the effort of the whole situation. She said she should go, and brought out a tag, the kind from new clothes or something. And said she can leave using that. Before she exited though, the string snapped. She tried again. "That's strange..." she muttered. "Maybe someone's coming." The last word barely got finished and I woke up with the door of my room suddenly opening and my mom barging in and saying, I'm late for work.

Just needed to write it down, because I might forget later. Dreams these days are like wisps of smoke, so hard to remember before they disappear. So yeah. runs off to get ready for work-
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(the obligatory year-ender blog post. wahaha. I haven't written anything in a while. =p)




Each year is its own amusement park, so at least I choose to see that's how my year 2008 has been. With my main attraction as the ginormous rollercoaster ride in the whole wide world. Kingda Ka. Well, I haven't gone on the Kingda Ka or ever hope I will, but I still, it's a nice comparison. =p The frustration, impatience, anxiety and excitement while standing in line, the worries while the safety harness is placed overhead (where the option of running away is gone), the thrill of the wind hitting your face, that weird feeling at the pit of your stomach while the ride goes waaaaaaaaaaay down, and of course, the feeling of triumph (or nausea) at the end of the ride. And this experience would either make you want to face head-on another try, or forever curse the damn ride and just go for the merry-go-round.

How people await the ride is much like how they await the incoming year. With fear, eagerness, anxiety, or the common trend today, apathy. 2008 started with worry, I was someone anxious to get on the ride. Me and my family celebrated the new year in my dad's hopsital room because they couldn't discharge him in time for the celebrations. But even so, we had a front-row seat of watching the fireworks of the majority of the neighborhood near Pines Doctor's Hospital. A lot of other hospital trips to Manila ensued after that, but right now, all I'm thankful for is that my dad is alive and well, and we're celbrating the coming of 2009 at home! =D

Then afterwards, a lot of angst,too many to mention. February wasn't a month of hearts, AT ALL, in any way. If one could say it was the home stretch, the real race for graduation, with exams to pass. So it was the climb of the rollercoaster ride, nearing its peak for descent into AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -erm-. Graduation! xD The thrill of getting past that crazy stage of the ride, but then you realize it's not yet over. It has just begun.

June came with application for masters and for work. Ahh, the uncertainty with both. The beginning steps of fulfilling a dream, to learn all I can and become the best damn guidance counselor I can be two or three years from now. The Guidance and Counseling field is undergoing so many changes right now, and it affects how long I'll be in the masters program. Realization of how difficult this path is, how dark and uncertain the future will be still scares me, despite the assurances. The twists and turns of the ride, where are we going?

Turning point came September when I found myself beginning work as a Guidance Counselor in the University of Baguio. My first job. And I was restless, adjusting to a routinary life. It was equivalent to the feeling of: "Get me off this ride, I want out!" but of course, it's irrevocable, I'm more than halfway the ride and other people in the ride I can hear say: "Ate Evi / Evi! What the heck are you saying? Get yourself together! D:<" Well yeah, if I don't pull myself together, who else would?

I don't know where falling in love comes into place when it comes to rollercoaster rides, but maybe it's somewhere along the lines with the fear and thrill of the ride. Even if you don't know where you're going, you might as well try to experience the feeling, despite the uncertainty of what lies ahead, of a possible heartbreak, or the joys of a long lasting and loving relationship.

Less than two hours before this year ends. I can see the tunnel up ahead, and I can feel the ride slowing down. The harness lifts and I am ushered off the ride along with everyone else. I look back at the ride, and in the least, I know, no matter how much the ride has shaken me, it made me learn a lot of things about myself, about life in general and everyone who has made the ride meaningful from beginning to end. Also, in the least, 2008 is a year I know I can look back to and smile.

Another chapter of my life ends, and another begins.

An adventure over!

Next! xD

There are more rides ahead. Would you like to continue with me to another ride?

I hope so... =)

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Today I was pondering this weird feeling of not having that elation after a day. All I've been for the past days can be summed up in one word: TIRED. I just kinda got home, and thought, what the hey, browse dA, see what's new, maybe there's an update from Tyshea or Iardacil or Redsigns or Buntala or Arien-Eska or Jas or mrcool or wb-skinner... And lo and behold, there's a comment on one of my photos. I thought maybe it was just some passerby and saw one of my recent ones. Was too tired to think.

But, it wasn't just a passerby. :wow: One of my Flame Whips  >>… << got featured in a news article >>… << , a feature dedicated to the four elements. :wow: I am very much honored to be featured alongside such *cough*pyromaniacs*cough* great artists. xD -shot-

It gave me a good view of how else to look at the fire element. :3 Look at the article and see what I mean! It may inspire you with your art too! xD A very nice surprise to cap my evening, maybe yours too. :boogie:
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"This is the first teaching of the Knights: You will erase everything that you had written in the book of your life until now: restlessness, uncertainty, lies. And in the place of all of this you will write the word courage. By beginning the journey with that word and continuing with faith in God, you will arrive wherever you need to arrive."

~Warrior of the Light, Paulo Coelho


I just got accepted as Guidance Counselor in a local university. I start this Friday. Never thought I'd be working so soon. ^^; After that Student Assistant asked for my SSS and my TIN, I realized that I am now old. Well not really old-old, just old grown up old. =) But it doesn't mean that I don't have anything to learn anymore. I'm still the n00b at work and with the realization that this is a new phase in my life, I can see that the world is still out there for me to discover. We're never too old to learn something new, so my life begins anew, bringing with me everything that has made me who I am so far, throwing away things I don't need.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time, because I don't know what's gonna happen with my life for the next two years, probably, but I want it to be memorable. :heart: GO FORWARD WITH COURAGE! D:<

Sooo, yeah. Basically, I'm saying goodbye, for the time-being. ^^; Thanks for everything guys, for the wonderful comments, watches and sharing your art with me. I'll still lurk, but not as much. Love you all. :blowkiss:
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If you are from Finland, KariLiimatainen is looking for models, anyone who would be interested, please note her. :D
link to journal:…
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:boogie: :boogie: :boogie: AFTER ONE WEEK! MY ROOM IS SPOTLESSLY CLEAN! :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

Well the shelves are still a bit disarranged, but I am proud that my room is clean. :dance: Why, you may ask? Because I am a hopelessly messy person. :rofl: It is a very gigantic achievement for me, because it's not simply just having a clean room, but having a clear mind. It makes me breathe easier seeing how my room is. It's not being Obsessive-Compulsive or anything, but finally doing something with my life. :meditate:

Sadly so, I will now have to share my room with my mom until she fully recovers from her operation. ^^; So no more late night chatting with people on YM or Skype, no more late night dA browsing for at least a month. So if I'm not around much or takes too long to respond to your messages/comments, you know why. =P

But I will still be lurking around, stealing your nommies. :ninjaeat:

See ya! :wave:
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I did this coloring work for jasmc44 and put it up in my gallery. Then I went to look for jas' line art, then went back to my upload.

It showed this>>… :confused:

I was wondering where it would lead me, whether to my own account, or to jas'... it took me to jas'. :iconoaml: I tried again, and then it worked fine. :rofl:

Other stuff
My mother just went through an operation for the removal of the myoma growing in her ovary, so me and my bro are in-charge of looking after our dad (he is 89, probably older than your grampa lol) until she is fully recovered. That's gonna take some months for the wound to heal properly, so yeah. I'll either be gone from dA for a loooooong time, or very active here in dA due to being stuck at home caring for both mom and dad. ^^; Most probably more conceptual pieces will pop out due to boredom. :eyes:
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Just my own share of LOL with dA v.6 bug. :rofl:
In the future>>…


It's a right of the woman herself whatever she wants to happen to her body. No one else has a right to say otherwise.

It's true, but I'm so mad. But why am I mad? Because they didn't save the baby? But she couldn't because of the circumstances. She could have, but she closed her mind. She still could have lived with it like how she told me four months ago. Was it because my trust was broken? Or is it because of the lies they are using to save their faces?

Or am I mad because they had no heart?

It doesn't matter anymore, the baby's gone, we'll just have to pray for the soul and move on...

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For a small price you could have had three hot nights with her, not just one.

But you didn't.

For that small price you didn't pay, in exchange you get:

1. a ruined life
2. distrust
3. hate
4. sleepless nights of worry
5. eternal regret
6. your future
7. her future
8. her life

Now don't you wish you paid for that small price instead?

Still reflecting over and over again on man's stupidity. :unimpressed: Of a guy who would rather abort his own child just to unburden himself of the responsibility, and of a girl who doesn't have the brain to decide for herself. They did it without thinking, decide to keep the baby and when things get rough, it seems so easy to just drop the pregnancy. Despite how we've been trying our best to support her. Geniuses I tell you. :sarcasm: Makes me wanna :spank: them and :slap: them and put them in the :trash: like the :poo: that they are.

This is the last time I'll rant about this, they're no longer worth my time.


On other news, I am late at greeting dA a Happy Birthday, but Happy Birthday anyway, glad to be here. :salute:

On other-other news, my cat Tama-chan has given birth to four lovely kittens, one black and white, one orange and white, one tri-colored with white and another orange and white one. :boogie: expect pictures of them once Tama lets me hold them and play with them. (which would be roughly still be a month from now. ^^; )

On other-other-other news, midterms just finished! :w00t: And now in comes the last crunch before finals. :lmao: Sorta anyway. :sheepish: I'm still trying to get the hang of things, trying to find my center because I've been feeling really lost in the past months. Like my dance instructor would say, I'm not grounded. My steps are too uncertain, too afraid to do the right thing even if my body knows it can. I've been asking myself "why?!?!??" countless of times already, getting myself frustrated over this. :cries:

I don't know what to live for. More of I've forgotten what I'm living for. I've been thinking that I need to become a Guidance Counselor soon, I've been thinking I need to be a better dancer soon. But everyone gets there in due time. Step by step. Needs more practice, needs more attention. Gads, I've been aloof to my own life. :dohtwo:

But when everything fails, go back to the basics. :fight:
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Sometimes I wonder what is it that makes a photographer, a deviant artist. What makes it true for me? I've been watching many people since I've been here, but for the past days, I'm itching to look for new styles. HDR is all wow and all, macro shots and cats, sure. But I've been seeing them too often that I need to see something else...

Yeah, I know I haven't been posting much lately. ^^; Apologies for that, but real life has to be the top priority. And least to say, things have been quite hectic. It's currently midterms for my masters right now (first exam in masters done! woo! two more to go! xD) and am quite busy cramming**cough**studying. :rofl:
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1. I have the habit of staying up late for no good reason. xD
2. My stomach goes hyper-acidic when I'm stressed.
3. I love treating myself to chocolate after a long, tiring day.
4. I carry around my Miyu like a baby just for the heck of it. He likes it anyway. <3
5. I am currently a first year masters student in SLU, taking up Masters of Science in Guidance and Counseling.
6. I have a knack of finding weird people and sticking with them coz they're fun to be with. :3
7. I love watching sunsets. :3
8. I love my friends very much. :3

:iconbuntala: :iconcarmellie: :iconarien-eska: :iconcount-irumi: :iconkaze899: :iconaternity: :iconsanguinum-lacrymis: :iconhidanthedark:
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Got this off of hellfirediva's journal. I'm reposting this because I want more people to know of what makes a photographer. :nod:

SAVE THE CAMERA by Paul Burrows, Editor

This editorial was in CAMERA magazine Vol. 5 No. 3 May/June 2008 page 4. Camera is a bi-monthly photo magazine published in Australia.

GET IT RIGHT IN THE CAMERA. This was always the golden rule when shooting film and it remains equally valid with digital capture.

I’ve hopped aboard this particular hobbyhorse again because I’m just getting so tired of seeing so many obviously ‘ Photoshopped ’ images turning up in competitions and on the printed page. It’s getting out of hand and, I’m afraid to say, it’s not photography. It’s photo illustration or photo manipulation or computer illustration or whatever, but-it-is-most-definitely-not-photography (I’d use all capital letters, but it looks too alarming on the page).

Let’s get back to grass roots here. Photography means ‘writing with light’ and to do this you require a camera of some type…it can be as simple as a pinhole camera (or even a camera obscura) or as sophisticated as a digital medium format rig with 39 megapixels on tap. You also require, of course, a light sensitive receiver which can be film, photographic paper or a digital sensor. These are the basic technical elements of photography to which is then added the photographer’s creativity. Camera, storage medium and vision represent the ‘Holy Trinity’ of photography.

A commonly presented argument is that “ Photoshop is just like the darkroom ” and, to some extent, this is true. In most cases, what happened in the darkroom was the final realisation of a vision through corrections for the limitations of camera or film (and, for that matter, chemistry and paper). A good example was using dodging and/or burning to deal with localised contrast problems, or cropping to help ‘tighten’ the composition because it hadn’t been possible to get close enough to the subject with the camera. Contrast remains a problem with digital capture, which is where Photoshop tools such as Levels and Curves – applied globally or locally – are perfectly legitimate. So are corrections to colour balance and exposure, although now these are likely to be the result of deficiencies in the photographer rather than anything else! The latest generation of digital SLRs have absolutely everything that you need to get it right in-camera. This is even more the case now that functions such as dynamic range extension and built-in filter effects are appearing, plus greater control over white balance. However, there are also plenty of external methods of dealing with sensor-related deficiencies such as graduated filters or TTL fill-in flash for contrast control. In fact, there really is now absolutely no excuse for not getting everything right in-camera except possibly perspective, given that PC lenses remain a bit of a luxury (and a digital view camera set-up is even more costly).

So perspective correction in Photoshop is acceptable too, because it doesn’t alter the essence of the image in terms of its content, composition and original intent.

Where the line is crossed is when the computer is used to create something different, thereby creating a manipulation, distortion or fabrication (take your pick). Perhaps more significantly, the computer (or software) then becomes the creative tool and, while there are undoubtedly some clever visual tricks being performed, it’s not photography because the camera had no part in it. Aside the from the aesthetics – just how many landscapes clinically purged of all the elements that give them character can we take – there’s a real risk of diminishing the camera skills which differentiate photographers from all other artists. After all, anybody can create an abstraction, it’s recreating reality in a visually appealing or informative way that’s the big challenge. This is where composition, framing and viewpoint – interpreted through lens focal length, exposure control and selective focus – give photography its unique elements, made possible through optics, mechanics and, latterly, electronics.

Photography is about how the camera ‘sees’ as directed by the photographer. It’s deeply ironic that as the emphasis in post-camera image manipulation grows – especially in professional photography – the camera makers are providing more facilities than ever before to enable the moment of capture to be the pinnacle of the creative process. Since its invention, the camera has been a powerful instrument of record, revolution and reflection. We diminish this power at our peril.
Signed, Paul Burrows
Camera Magazine
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My net goes wonky on me for two days so I haven't been posting, just checking on messages, and on the third day, WHAM. dA's all snazzed-up! O.O Well, I aint complainin', made my life easier replying to deviation comments, makes  me see my watch list deviations easier but somehow it just feels too snazzy. ~.~ Too many stuff we don't really need.

other matters
Pardon for my non-postage for the past days when I had regularly posted everyday for a while now. Got myself busy about a lot of things and I just find myself just replying to messages or just browsing deviations by people I watch. But other than that, not much activity. =( I won't be around posting for a while, got my hands tied up with real-life stuff. A friend's coming up to Baguio for two days, and aside from that, I have a Writer's Workshop to go to on Sunday, and it's a whole day affair. :iconfurrydanceplz: (God, please don't let HIM show up at the workshop. ~.~ I don't need his puppy-dog eyes expecting me to come back to him. Dx Like hell I would, possessive bastard.) Other than praying his non-attendance, I hope to get a kick-start back into writing, because somehow I let it all die back then when the world changed in that one night so many months ago. I know it's not over with my writing, it's just these stupid denial defense mechanisms of mine. ~.~ Literature is supposed to be enjoyed, not to be some sort of mountain to be conquered. I need to get back to that and get my rotting notebooks out of their storage.

So with that said, see ya around, and I hope to come back with a literary piece or two and more photos. :3
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Today/yesterday, I wore a trip cosplay, just some random japanese high school girl getup to promote our anime org's mass orientation that afternoon. Sadly, despite the org's reputation of doing crazy stunts to promote its existence to potential members, there are still those who jeered at me and mocked me as I walked through the corridors of the campus. Childish, yes, but it made me feel sad and feel like a fool for even doing a trip cosplay. =(

But after getting a mango from our school vendor, I chatted with one of the guards, a guard whom I had known since I was in third year in the undergrad. We talked about where people were now, life in general. After a while, some of those mocking students passed by, laughing openly at me but I chose to ignore them. The guard noticed them and told me so. I told him not to mind them, since they've been at it for some time now. But the guard raised a good point. "You've been doing these trip cosplays for so long now. They're the ones who look like fools for looking at you like they've never seen you cosplay before." (Of course he didn't say cosplay, but you get the idea. =)) He cheered all the sad mood out of me, really. :heart:

Although. wai I crai? In a serious attempt to take pictures of my day's cosplay trip (teh random highschool girl>>…), I ended up dropping my Yuujiro on the floor at least ten times times in th span of at least 2 hours. :faint: I am now more cautious of using the tripod more than ever. D8 *huggles her Yuujiro* T_T I'm so sorry my Yuujiro~~~ :tears: